Dark Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Dark Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

I love cherries. I could polish off a whole bag while I watch my boys play Slither.io. Cherry season is upon us, and it’s a short season at that, so take advantage. I’m digging the moodiness of this dark cherry vanilla smoothie – it goes well with Monday. Enjoy! Makes 1 8-10 oz. Dark Cherry Vanilla Smoothie. Ingredients: 8 ounces almond/coconut milk blend 1-1½ cups frozen cherries* ½ frozen banana 1-2 … Continue reading Dark Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Tennessee Williams

Small Steps

When horrific events occur like what happened this past Sunday in Orlando, I’ve found it really difficult in the aftermath to get back in step with the normal groove of life. I’ve been feeling rather raw, emotionally raw, with my old friend anxiety lurking in the corners of my head and lodged in my solar plexus. Deep thoughts coupled with deep emotions seem to create an emotional … Continue reading Small Steps

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Hot Summer days call for cool treats. While my boys have been devouring the kid variety of popsicles and ice cream sammies like nobody’s business, I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients to add to my smoothie recipe repertoire. I tried steamed beets (are you a fan?) and let’s just say you can make a bad tasting smoothie, no matter how much honey or frozen bananas you … Continue reading Strawberry Banana Smoothie